What is a glide-out  (pull-out) drawer  or shelf?

We often hear many terms that apply to our product. Pull-outs/ glide-outs/ drawers/shelves. We typically refer to them as glide-out drawers. It consists of a custom built drawer to fit inside your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or pantries. Installation of a glide-out  (pull-out) drawer in your pantry or cabinets allows you to access the very back of your space with ease. No more getting on your knees! It also allows for more efficiency and organization to simplify your life.

What is the cost of a glide-out drawer?

It’s very difficult to tell you the exact price for a kitchen, pantry or bathroom without measuring your space. That said, jobs range from $300.00 to $3000.00, plus or minus.   The price always depends on how many glide-out drawers you ask for, how wide they are, what height you choose and any additional features.  No two kitchens are alike, so having a Glide-Out (Pull-Out) Drawer Professional Designer assess your needs and measure your cabinets is the key element in determining price.   We encourage you to mention our ONE FREE GLIDE-OUT DRAWER coupon valued at $275.00. (The coupon is located on our Home page and is a monthly PROMOTION.)   Also, ask about our FREE INSTALLATION if you purchase 5 or more drawers.  (Another savings of $450.00 or more!)  The average price includes a solid maple drawer/shelf with front scoop handle, (custom made to your size), dove-tailed construction with a beautiful UV-protected natural finish, and full-extension steel rails featuring our top-of-the-line soft-closed system with a 100 pound static load capacity. The price also includes professional Designer consultation, professional installation and a transferrable, life-time warranty.

Apples-to-apples, our prices cannot be matched!

Can I just give you the sizes of my cabinets and order or get a quote over the phone?

Part of what makes our services unique is accessibility of a local Professional Designer who comes to your home, learns what your particular needs are, shows you the different options available, and takes precise measurements in millimeters. Only at that time can we give you an exact price.

What areas do you serve?

While we serve all of East Tennessee from the Tri-Cities to Chattanooga and Crossville to Gatlinburg, the majority of our clients are located in Knox County, Anderson County, Blount County and Loudon County. Tellico Village is also one of the main communities we service.  Goodwood has been a locally owned and operated business since 1989.

Can I purchase a glide-out (pull-out)  drawer and install it myself?

No, due to the many variables and uniqueness of our system, we can only offer a full Life-Time, Transferrable Warranty if we do the installation.

What is your lead time?

Typically, 3 to 4 weeks is the average lead time from initial consultation to installation.

How long will it take for you to install the glide-out drawers in my home?

The average installation takes 3 to 5 hours. A very large order could take up to a full day to install.

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